Post Mon Oct 04, 2010 7:55 pm

Club Guidelines

The "club" are the people that have a common interest.
-The "governing body" are the people making the decision for the club.
-The "forum" is a tool that provides a communication portal to and amongst its club members.

The following are not listed in any particular order:

1. Forum registration process:
a. Follow the on-line registration process.
b. The administrator will review your information and may come back to you with questions.
c. If we don't know who you are or an existing member cannot vouch for who you are, the request
will be postponed until it can be reviewed in person during one of our events.

2. Club members authorize the governing body to make decisions. The intent here is simply to
have structure... It is not a dictatorship, but a private club

3. All members are required to contribute/participate in some manner. The purpose here is to ensure that all members benefit from one another and share responsibilities. This is fundamentally about giving time and/or services but can also include giving money or providing sponsorship.
Contribution/participation is subject to the following timelines:
---New members must contribute/participate within the first 60 days of joining.
---Thereafter, members must contribute/participate every 90 days.

4. If a member does not contribute/participate according to aforementioned timelines, he/she is a candidate for removal from the club. Circumstances that prevent members from fulfilling these obligations will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

5. Any member of the club can recommend a candidate for removal.

6. The actual removal of a club member requires majority vote of the governing body.

7. The governing body is responsible for enforcing the rules/guidelines. The administration of the rules can be designated to another club member.

8. Individual members of the club should not assume personal financial liabilities for the club.

9. Only one account per Jeep, one vote per Jeep, you must have a Jeep to be a member.